The Various Applications You Could Use Sandblasting For

Sandblasting refers to the process of propelling minuscule bits of abrasive materials at an increased velocity in an attempt to change the finish of a surface. As the name suggests, sand is one of the more commonly used abrasives. However, over the years, other materials have been incorporated into this process including coconut shells, copper slag, walnut shells, steel grit and more. If you plan on engaging in sandblasting, it would be prudent to wear protective gear, have an alternate supply of air to breathe as well as ensure the area is sufficiently ventilated This is because inhaling the dust particles that are generated through this process can be a severe health hazard. The following are some of the various applications in which you could use sandblasting for.

Stripping of auto parts

If you are looking to either repaint or restore your automobile or motorbike, you should consider first sandblasting the different components that you would be repainting. It is not necessary to eliminate the older coat of paint if you would like to achieve a smooth finish with your new paint job. Opting for sandblasting is ideal since it will eliminate this surface paint, without posing a risk of damaging the metal underneath. Sandblasting can also be applied in the stripping of smaller components such as a bike frame, outdoor exercise equipment and more.

Cleaning of equipment

Another application that you can use sandblasting for is the cleaning of any heavy equipment machinery that you have. Equipment such as lawn mowers, excavators and more will gradually accumulate grease and oil on their movable parts. This grease and oil can also end up attracting and retaining dirt as you continue using the machinery. Cleaning your equipment with soap and water is not only messy, but you also stand the risk of causing the parts to develop rust. Sandblasting would be a suitable way to eliminate this buildup of grease through gentle abrasive cleaning, which would promote the longevity of your heavy equipment machinery.

Rust removal on metallic surfaces

If you live in an area prone to humid conditions, rust is always a risk factor to any metallic items you may have on your property. This could range from a multitude of items such as fencing, vehicles, machinery and even outdoor furniture. When you spot the onset of rust, it would be ideal to seal the metallic surfaces. However, before you do this, you should first eliminate the rust. Sandblasting can be used to eliminate rust on iron, steel and other metallic alloys, which would prevent the degradation of the material due to continued corrosion.