Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a fine epoxy powder which can be sprinkled over an object in various layers of thickness, then heated to produce a protective coating. In comparison with liquid that can be used in the same way, what makes powder coating for your metal a more effective choice?


The first reason that powder coating is an effective choice is the durability it offers. This powder is especially effective on metal, and in comparison with other coating options on the market, powder coating can last longer and be more cost effective than other options. Surfaces that have been treated with powder coating show fewer chips and marks over time. Additionally, the powder coating continues to display vibrant colors when other coatings have allowed the colors to fade away.

Environmentally Friendly

Other than its durability, powder coating is also friendly toward the environment. Liquid parallels of powder coating contain chemicals that are dangerous not only to consume but also, upon entering the air, are polluting the air with chemicals known as volatile organic compounds. On the other hand, powder coatings do not contain similar or otherwise dangerous compounds. Therefore, if you are finishing a piece of metal, you will not need to also have equipment that can check the air and control the pollution being put off.


Next, this kind of coating offers more variety than you may have thought possible. It offers not only creativity in the color but also in the texture. You can choose to have a smooth texture, or you can decide on something that is a bit more unique such as a wrinkled finish. This is useful if the metal has some imperfections.

Low Cost

Another excellent feature in relation to using powder coating is the low cost involved. A low cost for you means a lowered cost for your customers, which will also keep them happy. First of all, you will save money by not needing pollution control equipment. As discussed in the environmentally friendly section, powder coating does not pollute, meaning you will not need to spend money on fixing any pollution. Additionally, powder coating is becoming more widely used and accepted. New laws are being passed in regards to air pollution, and choosing a powder coating will save you from spending money on a liquid coating then not being able to use it. In this way, you can make your products at a lower cost than your competitor.