How Induction Bending Prevents Product Contamination

Some owners of food processing industries may be concerned that the way metal pipes are bent may introduce contaminants that may compromise the quality of their processed food, such as milk. This article discusses how induction bending limits the chance that the fabricated pipes will contaminate the products that you make. Absence of Fill Materials One way through which induction bending is a good way to make pipes for applications that are sensitive, such as the food processing industry, is the noticeable absence of fill materials during the bending process. Read More 

Buying Pre-Insulated Pipes Vs. Seeking Aftermarket Insulation

Pre-insulated pipes are a modern innovation used where heating, cooling, and industrial applications are concerned. Your pipes come already assembled in a polyurethane foam layer and a protective covering. If you are planning to install piping and insulation will be required, you can either purchase such pipes or seek aftermarket insulation. Below, check out how these two options compare in regards to cost, practicability, and more. Installation time Most installations are pegged on a timeline, so time is a crucial factor. Read More 

How Roughness Affects Your Pipes’ Efficiency

Roughness in a commercial pipe can be categorized in two ways: absolute roughness and relative roughness. The roughness can be calculated by dividing its roughness by the internal diameter. The number obtained from doing this is used to calculate the pipe friction factor as will be discussed below. Being able to calculate the roughness of a pipe will help you know the ability for fluids to flow smoothly through the pipe. Read More 

What You Might Wonder About Laser Cutting Services for Your Shop

Laser cutting services are becoming more popular than ever before, and this service can be used for a variety of materials and applications. If you're thinking of hiring a laser cutting service for your cutting needs, note a few important factors to consider. This will help you determine if it's the right choice for your shop or facility. Lasers don't use heat It's something of a common misconception that lasers use heat to cut through materials, but they actually use a concentrated beam of light that simply disintegrates material so that a cut is made. Read More 

How to Choose a Residential Lift for Your Home

A residential lift can be a great piece of equipment in your home, as it means keeping you or someone else safe if they have health problems that make stairs a difficulty. It can also make it easier for someone in a wheelchair to stay in their own home rather than having to move to a more accessible one-story house or assisted living. Elevators can also simply be a convenience for those hauling heavy laundry baskets and other items up and down stairs! Read More