Benefits of Hiring a Petrol-Powered Jackhammer Trolley for Tile Removal in a Mall

Repairing the floor of a mall gives the property a facelift and attracts new customers because of the new aesthetics. That said, tile removal in a mall can be daunting because of the expansive floor space. Therefore, a strategic decision must be considered when preparing to repair and lay new tiles on an expansive commercial floor. Hiring a jackhammer trolley that can be operated using a petrol generator should be part of such the strategy. This article highlights some of the reasons why a petrol-powered jackhammer trolley is the best equipment for such a project.


If your mall is located in a busy city, then chances are that your floor space is a couple of thousand square feet. This means that the jackhammer trolley needs to cover a lot of space to remove all the tiles on the floor. While an electric jackhammer trolley will do the job, the electrical cord needs to be long enough to enable the machine to get to the centre of the floor. It can be counterproductive if you are going to work with such long power cords. However, a jackhammer trolley that powered by a petrol generator is portable enough to allow the operator to reach the centre of the floor. You do not need extra long power cords or to join several wires to achieve the required length. 

Uninterrupted Work

Power outages are unpredictable, and if you are going to work on a mall's floor, you want as minimal interruptions as possible. The reason is that every hour the mall is not in use translates to the loss of revenue, and the longer it takes, the more likely it is that customers might be poached by competitors. Since jackhammer trolleys are fast at removing tiles, it is not a good idea to risk interruptions by using electricity as the source of power. Petrol powered jackhammer trolleys achieve the same results, but with zero disruption. As long as there is enough petrol, the operator will work with little pressure, which will result in excellent work.

Fewer Specifications to Consider

When dealing with electric-powered machines, it is vital for the operator to understand the amperage and volts required to run the jackhammer. If the device needs more electrical current than the power outlets in the mall can provide, then more electric work will be necessary to accommodate the machine power requirements, which require professional input and resources. With a petrol generator, however, no such specifications are needed. An operator only needs the petrol-powered jackhammer to start working immediately.