How Wooden Crates Can Help You to Cut Costs

The stiff competition among manufacturers has compelled many to start looking for creative ways to cut costs and protect narrow profit margins. This article discusses how wooden crates can help you to reduce your packaging and distribution costs so that you can remain profitable.

Less Cushioning

Many manufacturers incur a significant cost to make extra padding or cushioning materials that will shield their products from being damaged during shipping and distribution. Such costs can be lowered if you opt to use wooden crates to package your products. This is because wooden crates are so sturdy that the products inside them will hardly be damaged due to the rigours of the shipping process. The money that you save by using less cushioning can beef up your profits.

Maximum Storage Space Utilisation

The dimensional strength of wooden crates can also help you to keep storage costs affordable. This is because the wooden crates can be stacked more easily than other packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes. Consequently, you are less likely to need extra storage space because your warehouses will be able to contain the stacked crates without wasting any vertical space.


Many manufacturers face the prospect of dealing with products that have been returned by customers for several reasons, such as a mistake made during the ordering process. Wooden crates are the perfect packing option for such situations because the product can easily be put back into the crate before it is shipped back to the manufacturer. The same crate can then be used without incurring an additional cost on packaging a similar product. The costs avoided in this way can add up over time.

Optimisation of Shipping Containers

It is also possible to keep the cost of shipping individual products affordable if you pack those products in wooden crates. This is because the ability to stack the crates referred to earlier enables you to pile as many crates into a shipping container as possible without any fear that the ones at the bottom will be crushed by the weight of the boxes above them. In this way, the unit cost of shipping the consignment will be relatively low because of the large number of crates that you managed to stack inside the container or truck. The savings that you make can beef up your profits.

The benefits above can be enjoyed fully if you commission the fabrication of custom crating products for your manufacturing plant. Find a crating expert and discuss how you can integrate crates in your packaging options.