Factors to Consider When Buying Truck Suspension Seats

You may be wondering how you can select the most appropriate suspension seats for your fleet of trucks. This article discusses some of the considerations that will help you to select the right suspension seats to replace the less ergonomic ones in your trucks.

The Weight Rating

The suspension system of each truck seat is designed to accommodate a certain maximum weight of a driver. Don't base your choice of system on the weight of your current drivers. Instead, pick a seat with a higher weight rating than what would be suitable for your current drivers. Such a seat will still be suitable in the event that you ever hire a driver who is much heavier than your current ones. Besides, a suspension system with a higher weight rating is likely to be more durable because it will not be used at its maximum capacity most of the time.

Cushion Width

Closely related to the weight rating is the cushion width. Narrower cushions, such as those that are 16-inches wide, are more suited to smaller drivers. You should consider buying suspension seats that have wider cushions, such as those that are 22-inches wide. Such cushions will be able to accommodate the bigger bodies of heavier drivers. Additionally, some cushions can be adjusted so that they become narrower or wider depending on the needs of the driver.

Vertical Travel Range

Each suspension seat manufacturer enables the seats that they make to travel upwards or downwards over a set height. Some seats may be unable to travel low enough to accommodate the bodies of tall drivers. Others can be adjusted vertically until they are almost touching the truck floor. Such seats offer the best flexibility because a driver can adjust the vertical height of the seat in order to suit his or her stature. Buy seats with the greatest range of vertical movement available.

Construction of Controls

Suspension seats usually have a variety of controls ranging from knobs, buttons and levers. These controls may be made from plastic, metal or composite materials. Examine the controls carefully and buy suspension seats whose controls seem to be the sturdiest. This is because such controls will not be easily damaged during daily use. Sturdy controls will enable your drivers to take full advantage of all the seat adjustment options available. Less sturdy controls will increase seat maintenance costs because you will keep buying replacements for broken controls.

Use the criteria above to narrow down your options of suspension seats before you even factor in the upfront cost of buying those seats. Only then will you get value for money.