Easy Tips For Using and Shipping Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are a type of storage tube that helps you mail any type of paper item, such as a banner, poster, or blue print. They are used for paper items that are too large to fit in a typical envelope but can't be bent or folded in any way. You will easily be able to roll them up, put them in the tubes, and have them shipped. If you are new to using mailing tubes, there are a few important things to keep in mind so your items remain safe.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size

Just like with shipping boxes, there are multiple sizes of mailing tubes. These storage tubes vary based on the thickness and the length. If you are mailing a poster, you can usually look for a medium-sized tube labeled specifically for standard-size posters. Blueprints tend to be thicker and larger, needing one of the bigger tubes. Sometimes, you have smaller paper items you want to ship in tubes, so you would go for a smaller tube. To know exactly what size you need, roll up your papers, but keep them loose. Now measure the width and length to determine which mailing tube will be best.

Fit the Document Into the Mailing Tube

Once you receive your mailing tube, it is time to roll up the papers or documents and fit them into the tube. Remember that you want to be able to roll up the document to fit in the tube, but that they shouldn't be rolled up too tightly. If they are too tight, they will show creases once removed from the tube and be difficult to lay flat. They should be rolled as loosely as possible. Securing the papers might be a good idea to keep them in place, which you can do by placing a loose rubber band around them after rolling them up. Put the end cap back on the tube, then tape the cap to the tube just to be sure it remains intact during the shipping process.

Use a Package Label

Since it is difficult to write on a cylinder, it is best that you prepare the package label before you place it on the tube. Use a label with an adhesive backing so you don't need to worry about taping it on the tube. Fill out the information for the mailing and recipient address, making sure you write clearly so that when it is on the cylinder tube, it is still legible. Wait for the ink to dry, then carefully put the label on the tube.