Need Laser Cutting? Try These 4 Laser Engraving Ideas

Laser cutting is a breakthrough technology that has made great advancements in the fabrication industry possible. One of the many services that a laser cutting machine can offer is engraving. In this post, learn how you can take advantage of this engraving service to make your laser cut products even more impressive.

Company branding

If you are in the business of manufacturing metal products such as storage containers or electrical appliances, you can have your laser cutting firm engrave your company logo or name onto your products for branding purposes. Doing so will allow you to subtly attach your company's identity to the products you make permanently. Not only will this make it possible for you to distinguish your products in future, it will also help grow your business because potential customers will identify your handiwork via the engraving.

Product customization

Alternatively, if you usually make customized products for your customers, such as furniture or car parts, you could take the customization process further by engraving your customers' details into their products. This could be their name or initials. Such a move will create more attachment between your clients and the finished product. The sentimental value created as a result will also improve the level of satisfaction your customers get from your work.  

Product description

Another way to take advantage of laser engraving is to add a product description to the metallic products you fabricate on behalf of your clients. For example, if working on a door, you could engrave details such as the date when the door was made, the location where it was made, the metal used and its grade, as well as any other finishes added to the door. While this is not meant to add the price tag of the product, such an addition does make your work stand out in a small but special way.

User instructions

You could also decide to laser-engrave instructions of how the product should be used. Because it's an engraving process that remains permanently on the product, it works better than paper stickers stuck on using adhesives. This idea is great for consumables such as fire extinguishers where how-to-use instructions engraved on the metal container can help users handle the product in the right way and for the right applications.

One of the unique qualities about laser cutting is how versatile it is. And although not mandatory, engraving is one of the many touches you can add to products using this technology as shown above.